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Flexographic Printing on Synthetic Polyprolene, Extend Text Labels for the Food IndustryPrinting of Wine Bottle Labels for the Wine and Spirits IndustryReverse Printed Polypropylene Additional Content LabelLetterpress Printing of a Polyester Film Hand Cream LabelFlexographic Printing of Polypropylene 2-Ply LabelFlexographic Printing of a Linen Paper Label

Equipment Listing


  • Workstations include: G4 1.25 MHz Macintosh with 21” monitors running current

versions of Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand.

All systems are backed up weekly. Back-ups are stored off premises.

  • Epson Stylus 4800 Large format Color Printer
  • Agfa Accuset 1000 imagesetter
  • Anderson & Vreeland plate making and finishing equipment.

Back-up contingency for any prepress malfunctions are out-sourced to Imageworx located 30 minutes from our facility. Tek Graphis Solutions is our preferred vendor due to its commitment to outstanding quality and service.


5 presses include: 1 - 6 color Mark/Andy 7” with one UV Station for coating.
1 - 6 color Mark/Andy 7” includes 3 UV Forced air stations.
1 - 8 color Nilpeter 10” includes 5 UV Forced air stations.
1 - 8 color Nilpeter 10.75” includes 2 UV, 1 Hot Stamp.
1 - 8 color Gallus 7” includes 6 Letter Press, 2 Screen,
1 Hot Stamp.

1. All presses ( except 4 color Mark/Andy ) are capable of running multible webs for various constructions.
2. All Presses are capable of printing front & back as well as over-laminating.
3. Press tooling has been made to facilitate running the same job on different machines as a backup contingency.
4. Foil leaf & Folding capabilities.
5. Variable Numbering & Bar-coding.

  • Computerized ink matching system.
  • Computerized scheduling/tracking system.


Rewind Equipment: 1 - 13” Arpeco rewind/inspector capable of rewinding, slitting and counting paper,  film and tag materials.
1 - 10” Arpeco rewind/inspector capable of rewinding, slitting, and counting paper, film, and tag materials.
1 - 7” Nielsen & Petersen’s rewind/inspector capable of rewinding slitting and counting paper, film and tag materials.
1 - Web Techniques Table top rewind unit for reworking rolls
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