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Flexographic printing on Synthetic polyprolene, Extend Text label for the Food industry.

A customer in the food industry approached Horizon Label in the need of printing a prime product label with additional information.

In order to achieve this we presented the customer with printing on the adhesive side of the label which kept the integrity of the graphics on the face of the label. We worked closely with the customer to ensure every aspect of their needs was met accurately, we applied a range of processes to the label using a 10" Nilpeter press with 8 colors. This product included special processes, at which we are experts.

We fully inspected the label before quickly shipping it to the customer, who was very satisfied with the overall look, design, functionality, and service.

To learn more about this product or for more information on our oproducts and services, please contact Horizon Label.

  Flexographic Printing on Synthetic Polyprolene, Extend Text Labels for the Food Industry
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Flexographic Printing on Synthetic Polyprolene, Extend Text Labels for the Food Industry
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Flexographic Printing of Polypropylene Extended Content Label Specifications

Product Description This custom manufactured label is used for a food industry product. We can manufacture extend text labels for many different types of applications.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Flexographic Printing
Die Cutting
Release Coat
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 10 Nilpeter Flexographic 8 Color Press
Overall Part Dimensions
BOPP Thickness: 2.4 mil
Length: 4.00
Width: 3.00
Material Used
BOPP (Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene) 60lb White Semi-Gloss Paper
Material Finish
Semi-Gloss UV Coating
Colors 5 Color
Resistances Oil Resistance Bottom Layer
Special Features
2 Layers Easy Open/Close
In process testing/inspection performed Visual Inspection
Industry for Use Food
Delivery Time 15 to 25 Days
Delivery Location TriState Area
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
Standards Met
Customer Specifications and Artwork European Standards
Product Name Extended Content Label
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